Day 78 @ ITP: Phys Comp

It will look something like this...with a new logo design by Tristan Martineau. I'm not sure what it's called- "great heart"? Not sure yet if this is what the text will say but we will need some kind of instructions. How to have people know to meditate with it without scaring them off by mentioning meditation? This is a particularly cartoony envisioning of what we will do, but something like this:

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.49.55 PM.png

What is left to do: 

- Designing the enclosure for print using Illustrator

- Laser cutting the wood and plexiglas for the enclosure

- Building the enclosure with buttons and the heart LED

- Sewing the sensor into the wristband 

- Continuing to work on the code for heartbeat detection and doing user testing

- Finessing the visualizations and how the breathing exercises will work in P5