Day 69 @ ITP: Animation

Tonight I worked on a sloth with separate layers for the limbs and torso (which I guess includes the head for this), traced from this sloth that was also created for an animation. I have a Wacom monitor at home which I normally use with a pen, but it wasn't working so I just created the shapes in Photoshop clicking around with the mouse which is not it's a little rough. I guess I also could have drawn and scanned the pieces but this seemed like the easiest way to do it for this purpose, also as the point is mainly to play with animating it and it was easy to create layers for it like a marionette in Photoshop. I have yet to see how it would actually look when the limbs are moving. Tomorrow I will meet with Dom to figure out doing a sample animation with After Affects, also to decide what kind of scenes to add the character(s) into, and will also try to wrap my head around using 3D in After Affects with

Update on 11/16:

We made some short clips, and plan to make our animation with the storyline of the sloth leaving somewhere in Manhattan (near NYU area) to go to Brooklyn to get a pizza and come back. Not high art perhaps, but we are having fun! I'm still having trouble figuring out placing the character on the 3D axis, but maybe will be able to get that after today's class or go deeper into tutorials to figure out how to include using that for this animation before we finish it.