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6/25 @ Pineapple Reality
Grounding Activation 004 w/ special guests Sandy Gordon and Colin Fisher
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Perfect Wave and Pineapple Reality are hosting a series of listening meditations with the intention of bringing people in the community together in real life spaces to gather and engage in deep listening. The purpose is to activate grounding energy to facilitate a clean focused mind for the actions we all must take during this time. Discussions/lectures can happen afterwards but the primary focus is to create a space for listening. All are welcome. By donation as each can afford. We will provide yoga mats and blankets to lie on.
Doors and tea 3:30pm - Music 4 to 5pm
184 West St. #2 GREENPOINT, Brooklyn, NY

For this activation we will be joined by special guests Sandy Gordon and Colin Fisher.

Sandy Gordon is a musician and improvisor living in Brooklyn, NY. As a drummer and percussionist, she often merges, mutates, and swaps her drum kit with a rotating patchwork of small percussion, homemade field recordings, electronics, and found objects. She has collaborated extensively on projects in sound, movement, film, theater, education, and healing arts. Current projects include collaborations with Anastasia Clarke, Derek Baron, and as a member of the collective group Causings. Sandy teaches drums and music to all ages. She is an Alexander Technique teacher in training at Balance Arts Center.

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, Colin Fisher is an active voice in the Improvised and Creative Music Community in North America. 

Has been most active with duo project Not the Wind, Not the Flag which includes percussionist Brandon Valdivia. They have a substantial recording output that includes releases on Healing Power, Medusa, Inyrdisc, Already Dead Records, Barnyard records and others. They have an upcoming vinyl release on Pleasance records as well as a live concert recording with William Parker, coming out on New Atlantis records.

I Have Eaten The City is an improvising trio featuring cellist/keyboardist/laptop artist Nick Storring and percussionist Brandon Valdivia. They have many recordings, their latest a tape from UK label Tombed Visions.

Recently Colin recorded a record with nyc/philly band MANY ARMS who then released their record “Suspended Definition” on John Zorn’s Tzadik label. A subsequent US/Canada tour followed the release of their collaboration.



06/22/2017 @ The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY: Bryce Hackford Record Release (DJ)

06/17/2017 @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY: Raw Silk, Ka Baird & Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Raw Silk, Dylan A. Marcheschi w/ Visuals by Valeria Divinorum + Ulysses Popple

06/10/2017 @ Industry City, Brooklyn, NY: Rooftop Films (w/ Tropical Rock)

06/04/2017 @ Outpost Artist Resources, Queens, NY: Confetti Machine: Realtime Media Festival


Photo: Valeria Haedo


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04/26/2017 @ Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY: Tom Carter, Tropical Rock, Jantar

04/15/2017 @ BRIC, Brooklyn, NY: E.S.P. TV Live Taping: Tropical Rock (Camilla Padgitt-Coles & Ka Baird) w/ special guest Taralie Peterson, JD Walsh (Shy Layers), Talibam!

04/06/2017 @ Commend, New York, NY: Perfect Wave Vol. 4 Commendation: Ivy Meadows & Ka Baird 

03/26/2017 @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY: Grounding Activation 003 w/ Diana Policarpo

03/16/2017 @ LEVEL 1, New York, NY: Pause. a pop-up meditation experience

02/20/2017 @ Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn, NY: Metamorph: Lost Souls of Saturn, Ivy Meadows, & AJ Clay

02/14/2017 @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY: Soap Library Presents: Valentine's Day w/ Mary Lattimore, Rosali, Energy Star, DJ Nina

02/03/2017 @ The Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab, Columbus, OH: Frequency Fridays: Bbob Drake (CLE) + Camilla Padgitt-Coles (NYC) + Alexander Paquet (CMH) + J Bryan Parks (OH) 


Photo: Jen Powers


01/21/2017 @ Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL: GAZE Festival

01/18/2017 @ Roulette, Brooklyn, NY: Ka Baird: Sapropelicisms

01/06/2017 @ The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY: David Grubbs, Anastasia Clarke, Alper/Padgitt-Coles, Julia Santoli

12/18/2016 @ The Knockdown Center, Queens, NY: Paideia: Chanelle Bergeron/Blakeney Bullock/Widow (A.Vitacolonna), Tropical Rock

12/09/2016 @ Dawn of Man, Brooklyn, NY: #NoDAPL Benefit

12/08/2016 @ The Knockdown Center Bar, Maspeth, NY: Ready Room Series: DJ Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows)

12/07/2016 @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY:  G.S. Sultan/ E. Star/ Jackson Randall/ Aviary

12/04/2016 @ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY: Grounding Activation #1

11/11/2016@ Muchmore's, Brooklyn, NY: Ivy Meadows~Power Mystery~Sex Crystals~Channeling 

11/10/2016 @ SWALE, Brooklyn, NY: Symbiosis. - Bio Activated Audio-Visual Installation with Rebecca Uliasz

11/06/2016 @ MoMA PS1, Queens, NY: Bread and Roses: A Dinner-Symposium on Women and the Arts


11/04/2016 @ Roulette, Brooklyn, NY: Optics 0:0 Parallax View Festival - Plant activated sound installation w/ Data Garden


October 2016 – Ka Baird (Sapropelic Pycnic) European Tour:


08/14/16 @ RO-HE-GE, Belfast, ME: SOMA DAZE Festival

08/02/16 @ Trans-Pecos, Queens, NY: Sex Crystals Album + Zine Release w Sunmoonstar, Euglossine, Wish, Ivy Meadows and Perfect Wave DJs 

07/28/16 @ Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY: Jonas Reinhardt, Ivy Meadows, Ezra Feinberg 

07/19/16 @ TROOST Bar, Brooklyn, NY: Field Guides, mt_twin, Ivy Meadows, Finishing Touch

07/16/16 @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY: BENEFIT FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE

07/06/16 @ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY: A Microscope with visuals by Camilla Padgitt-Coles, David First, Kathleen Baird/Muyassar Kurdi Duo

06/30/16 @ Outpost Artist Resources, Inc., Brooklyn, NY: DistENDed Cinema curated by david Linton for the Mission for Temporal Art

06/21/16 @ Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room, Brooklyn, NY: Tyler Damon & Muyassar Kurdi, Sapropelic Pycnic & Ivy Meadows, Marcia Bassett & Sean Julian

06/12/16 @ Over the Eight, Brooklyn, NY: Kyle Landstra, Bastian Void, Ivy Meadows, Mike Nigro, Visual Synthesis by Corey Bauer

06/11/16 @ The Loisaida Center, New York, NY: Gulliver X by: Florencia Escudero w/ Audio-visual set by Ivy Meadows