Upcoming Shows:

Weds. April 26th~
Tom Carter, Tropical Rock, Jantar
@ Sunview Luncheonette
221 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn, NY


Fri. May 5th, 2017~
Overnight Sleep Concert at Magick City
Brooklyn, NY

~Perfect Wave with Magick City presents~

An eight hour dream concert by Mikronesia (Michael Reiley McDermott)~

Featuring opening AV sets from~

Curved Light (Peter Tran & Deirdre Smith - Austin, TX)

Ivy Meadows (Camilla Padgitt-Coles - Perfect Wave / Brooklyn)

Herbal elixirs bar provided by Magick City

*Bring your sleeping bag/yoga mat for dream concert*

Purchase advance RSVP tickets for full concert here
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<< Michael is a composer, ambient musician and sound artist. He has created works for film, dance, stage, installation, smart phones, multi-speaker arrays, piano, wishing wells, electric gardens, dreaming and deep time. His practice explores the relationship between present moment awareness, deep time and humanity's personal connection through listening. His work integrates a daily practice of meditation, Deep Listening and textured sound worlds through a process he calls “sonic photography”. This process involves site specific recordings of physical spaces re-imagined using photographic development and collage techniques. His aim is to reframe the everyday world as both a grand statement that stretches out in both directions of time and as an ephemeral instant of precious connection. Michael was recently Artist in Residence at , Composer in Residence for Temple University’s BEEP Ensemble and is Composer in Residence at Village of the Arts and Humanities. He recently completed a certification program in Deep Listening studying with Deep Listening pioneer Pauline Oliveros. >>

Curved Light
<< Curved Light is the audio/visual duo of Peter Tran and Deirdre Smith. Utilizing the modular synth for sound and vision, they create expansive, psychedelic fourth worlds that thrive in a live context. Curved Light has shared the stage with S U R V I V E, Suzanne Ciani, and Lower Dens. >> 

Ivy Meadows
<< Camilla Padgitt-Coles is a multimedia artist and musician currently working in light, sound, video and audio-visual environments. She utilizes analog and digital synths as well as prepared footage and a variety of D.I.Y. projection methods, more recently incorporating newer technologies in order to fuse light and sound. She plays and records solo as Ivy Meadows and in ambient improv collaborations Future Shuttle, Energy Star and Tropical Rock. 

In 2011 she founded Perfect Wave, a collectively curated web & print publishing platform which "maintains a committed vision to experimental performance, sound and art with a special interest in creating intergenerational dialogue." Perfect Wave produces a magazine, releases music and organizes events in NYC. >>

Facebook event with more info and links here

04/06/2017 – Perfect Wave Vol. 4 Commendation: Ivy Meadows & Ka Baird 
@ Commend, New York, NY

03/26/2017 – Grounding Activation 003 w/ Diana Policarpo

03/16/2017 – Pause. a pop-up meditation experience
@ LEVEL 1, New York, NY

02/20/2017 – Metamorph: Lost Souls of Saturn, Ivy Meadows, & AJ Clay
@ Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn, NY

02/14/2017 – Soap Library Presents: Valentine's Day w/ Mary Lattimore, Rosali, Energy Star, DJ Nina
@ Trans-Pecos, Ridgewood, NY

02/03/2017 – Frequency Fridays: Bbob Drake (CLE) + Camilla Padgitt-Coles (NYC) + Alexander Paquet (CMH) + J Bryan Parks (OH) 
@ The Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab, Columbus, OH:

Photo: Jen Powers


01/21/2017 – GAZE Festival
@ Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL

01/18/2017 – Ka Baird: Sapropelicisms
@ Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

01/06/2017 – David Grubbs, Anastasia Clarke, Alper/Padgitt-Coles, Julia Santoli
@ The Knockdown Center, Maspeth, NY

12/18/2016 – Paideia: Chanelle Bergeron/Blakeney Bullock/Widow (A.Vitacolonna), Tropical Rock
@ The Knockdown Center, Maspeth, NY

12/09/2016 – #NoDAPL Benefit
@ Dawn of Man, Brooklyn, NY

12/08/2016 – Ready Room Series: DJ Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows)
@ The Knockdown Center Bar, Maspeth, NY

12/07/2016 –  G.S. Sultan/ E. Star/ Jackson Randall/ Aviary
@ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

12/04/2016 – Grounding Activation #1
@ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

11/11/2016 –  Ivy Meadows~Power Mystery~Sex Crystals~Channeling 
@ Muchmore's, Brooklyn, NY

11/10/2016 – Symbiosis. - Bio Activated Audio-Visual Installation with Rebecca Uliasz
@ SWALE, Brooklyn, NY

11/06/2016 – Bread and Roses: A Dinner-Symposium on Women and the Arts
@ MoMA PS1, Queens, NY:

11/04/2016 – Plant activated sound installation w/ Data Garden at Optics 0:0 Parallax View Festival
@ Roulette, Brooklyn, NY:


October 2016 – Ka Baird (Sapropelic Pycnic) European Tour:


08/14/16 – SOMA DAZE Festival
@ RO-HE-GE, Belfast, ME

08/02/16 –  Sex Crystals Album + Zine Release w Sunmoonstar, Euglossine, Wish, Ivy Meadows and Perfect Wave DJs 
@ Trans-Pecos, Ridgewood, NY

07/28/16 – Jonas Reinhardt, Ivy Meadows, Ezra Feinberg 
@ Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY

07/19/16  – Field Guides, mt_twin, Ivy Meadows, Finishing Touch
@ TROOST Bar, Brooklyn, NY

@ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

07/06/16 – A Microscope with visuals by Camilla Padgitt-Coles, David First, Kathleen Baird/Muyassar Kurdi Duo
@ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

06/30/16 – DistENDed Cinema curated by david Linton for the Mission for Temporal Art
@ Outpost Artist Resources, Inc., Brooklyn, NY

06/21/16 – Tyler Damon & Muyassar Kurdi, Sapropelic Pycnic & Ivy Meadows, Marcia Bassett & Sean Julian
@ Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room, Brooklyn, NY

06/12/16 – Kyle Landstra, Bastian Void, Ivy Meadows, Mike Nigro, Visual Synthesis by Corey Bauer
@ Over the Eight, Brooklyn, NY

06/11/16 — Gulliver X by: Florencia Escudero w/ Audio-visual set by Ivy Meadows
@ The Loisaida Center, New York, NY: