Day 78 @ ITP: ICM

Three beginnings for the musical sandbox idea: (<-- this one not working for some reason though it was working in the editor...)

Currently they all have the same sounds and images but they will vary...

Next step is to make them drag around and pan the sound on x-y for one of them or have it somehow change the overall sound depending on where it is on the canvas, and meet with Aarón again to get some help with the code again next week...It was nice today how I was able to complete a bit more of the coding on my own after seeing how something is done or watching him code it and creating html objects.

Also not sure about keeping these shapes, they were just for testing, but for some reason they are growing on me. I was thinking of using a color from each photograph as the color of the shapes and keeping it simple.

I also like the idea of doing many different iterations of the same kind of combination of things.