Day 178 @ ITP: Fungus Among Us

Final project outline
Working title: "Medicinal Properties of Mushrooms & Their Effects on the Health of Humans and the Biosphere"

For our final project I would to focus on the medicinal properties of mushrooms. I will outline different types of commonly used medicinal mushrooms (Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail, etc.) and their individual benefits, and talk about how they are used in boosting the immune system in humans, and possibly even proven to be able to shrink tumors or treat cancer, etc. and provide a basic overview of how that relationship with the human body works. I would also like to touch upon Paul Stamets' theory on mycelium's role in increasing immunity in bees and the impact this could have in preserving our planet's ecosystem as we know it. This could also lead to drawing a greater conclusion or parallel about "mushroom medicine" as a remedy for the state of the planet as a whole, and how mycelium works similarly in nature (an analog between the human body and nature itself). 

I will be using the readings and videos assigned from our class as well as the E-Book "Medicinal Mushrooms: Following the Natural Path to Boosting Your Immunity, Energy and Overall Health".