Day 178 @ ITP: Fungus Among Us

Week 2

Paul Stamets “Mycelium Running” 

Read pp 1-114 of (Yes, it’s a lot, I know. There are charts and pictures and it’s a quick read and you’ll thank me, hopefully. It’s a great book.)

Deleuze, Gilles, and Pierre Félix Guattari. A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (1987)
Introduction: Rhizome

Tsing, Anna. “Unruly Edges: Mushrooms as Companion Species” Environmental Humanities (2012

Supplemental Videos:

ANALOGY: Douglas Hofstadter, Analogy as the Core of Cognition

How Mushrooms Can Save Bees & Our Food Supply, Paul Stamets, bioneers, 2014


Phil Ross, Mycotecture

Maurizio Montalti, Officina Corpuscoli

Maurizio Montalti, Bodies of Change

Jae Rim Lee, Mushroom Death Suit

Mediamatic Bio Art Industry

Paddestoelen Paradijs: Urban Mushroom Farm and New Materials Lab

Intimate Science

Studio Eric Klarenbeek's mycelium chair

Katherine Ball, Biological Sabotagerie

Spores in Space

Joans Edvard, Myx Lamp