Day 176 @ ITP: Algorithmic Composition

Class notes...

George E. Lewis - trombone Roscoe Mitchell - alto and soprano saxophone Avant, Japan (AVAN 014) 1993

- Lewis created a code in the 80s for 4 bit systems (Atari, etc) computer is making all the decisions based on the note you played, the note you played before that, and the note you played before that...
- He talks about underlying psychometrics of jazz improvisation...their active memory while improvising is quite finite - just the last few notes you played (last 3 notes you played, and last 3 notes your partner played, etc). He used this as a philosophical prompt to build this based on a filter. 

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Aristid Lindenmayer


  • Put forth idea that every organism with a cellular structure has a code
  • DNA of humans, plants, animals, any living thing can be used to recreate the structure w/code

    PDF: The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants
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Applications of Generative String Substitution Systems in Computer Music
Roger Luke DuBois

Christopher Alexander: A Pattern Language