Day 3 @ ITP: Intro to Computational Media

Week 1
Assignment #2: 
How computation applies to my interests

I started learning to code in 1996 (in 6th grade for me). At the time it seemed like a way to create a world other than the one I was presented with. I built a website called "Camilla's World" entirely with HTML. It was a long scrolling page with a black background, bright pink text and a lot of animated gifs, and included fan pages for Matt Damon and Fairuza Balk. In adulthood I have worked on websites as a freelance job, but with limited skills. JavaScript and Python are new to me [I actually realized after I initially said this that I did do some intro classes for p5.js & creative coding at the ITP Camp in summer 2016, but I retained little of it as it was mostly just one cursory class for each subject]. I am attracted to learning more about computer languages because I feel that they could lead to creating more interesting virtual worlds, web art, music, experiences, you name it. I also do video and sound work and am curious to see how it could intersect with coding. Or even to use it to work on a more interesting kind of website for some organization that I find meaningful. I'm excited to see what possibilities come up in this course.