Day 96 @ ITP: ICM

I decided that my "musical sandboxes" project is something that maybe I will continue to work on over the whole course of ITP on my own or in classes, and I would like to refine different ways of making it in code or as a combo of software/code/physical objects. But for this semester since I am also working simultaneously on a project for Physical Computing that is using P5, it seemed to make most sense to focus on that and combine both finals and get the most out of that project, since it is also one that I am very interested in.

Recently we updated the code to add more breathing visualizations using P5 that I will screen capture and share here for this upcoming Wednesday. We also created a kind of "computer program" in P5 which I did not show at the final ICM presentation as it was not finished yet, which has an intro screen that leads you to the different visualization options, and a final screen that thanks you for participating before clicking back to the beginning. Using the basic infrastructure of this program, and the things I've learned this semester in ICM, I think I would be able to combine the code I worked on with Jim with various ideas and will definitely be referring back to the code we worked on together for future projects (and possibly for different iterations of our project).

Right now it is very helpful to have a modular system that is easily changeable, and to manage it in separate .js sketches so that we don't break our code. I'm learning about organization of code and proper coding habits, and the trick after this will be to combine it with all I learned is possible to do with coding in ICM, and make different kinds of projects and keep it up. It really does feel like learning a language and as with any language there is a hump that you have to get over before it starts to feel more like second nature.