Day 96 @ ITP: Animation

Today I am attempting to start my final animation in Unreal, after going through a few tutorials and playing a bit with the architecture of the program, I still a feel a bit lost but am excited by the possibilities. It also seems that not all the content packs are compatible with High Sierra, so most likely I think I will just be trying to get creative with the starter materials, of which there are a lot. I don't usually work with humans too much, I prefer working with abstract colors/shapes or animals if I am drawing. But it will be a good challenge! Right now my character looks a bit like one of the characters from Avatar the movie.

Will post updates soon...

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 6.29.43 PM.png

Update December 13th:

I spent a few hours today sitting with my classmate and trying to figure out Unreal on a PC laptop from the equipment room. We both had realized we had upgraded to High Sierra on our Mac laptops and weren't able to use the animating function of Unreal. We were trying to figure out importing a character on the PC out without too much success but we did start to build a world together with floating cubes that went up into the sky like a ladder (I forgot to take a screen shot!) and looked at various characters and tutorials on how to import them and navigate Unreal. It seems very complicated. But I think if I was walked through it once one on one, and maybe had time with it on my own laptop, it would make more sense. I ended up heading home because I thought I would be able to install it on my Desktop computer, but the operating system on that one is just one version too old... 

So at this point since I think I will be working on it at home for the rest of the night, I am thinking I will create a world in Unreal with a 3rd person character, and use a screen recording to follow it around as it moves. 

Update 12/14:
My final animation