Day 34 @ ITP: ICM

Week 4
Assignment #1

Recreate your sketch from the first week using a function

Step 1) 

Building off of the code Aarón helped me make, I changed the parameters and tried to figure out more which each part was doing. Supposedly in this version, in order to create the optical illusion, circle is drawn 7,000 times instead of just ten times like in the last exercise, and each circle is calculated to be less than 0.1 spaced apart to create the illusion that it is slightly vibrating or moving.

On  Source

On Source

Next, I would like to draw two simple triangles with a function in the background, and add a circle. It won't be exactly like the original drawing but I am allowing myself to riff on the first one a bit... 

On Source


3) Now to add the circle. I will do it with a function even though it's just one circle. Maybe I will also try making it a sphere, instead of a circle? To make it a little more challenging or exciting...

Hmmm... This is what I came up with. I tried the sphere and it broke the whole code. So I went back to adding an ellipse. At first it made the triangles disappear when I added it as a separate draw function, but when I defined it and then included it in the draw function that called the triangles in showed up. I made the fills different for each by adding that manually. It's different from the original but a similar idea. I am going to keep playing with creating functions and layering them before our class on Weds 10/11 and try to come up with something with a sphere. Also still trying to grasp how push(); and pop(); are used, as well as translate, so will study up on those as well.


On p5.js:  Source

On p5.js: Source

Original sketch from Week 1's assignment: