Day 335 @ ITP: Video Sculpture

Interactive Color Wheel Grid Installation: "Rubik's Color Wheel"

I got 9 wooden squares to recreate the grid that I originally used in our classroom and hung them in my studio. I used a level hung them first using push pins, then nails, then velcro, but I think they still were not perfect. It would be easy enough in the future I think to develop a better system for hanging them, but it is close. 

While in the first version of this project I triggered the colors manually, for the second version they are being triggered with a small MIDI keyboard. The idea for this version is that it would be interactive (maybe for kids, in a children's museum) and played like a musical keyboard that lights up different squares on the grid. I had my friend play it for the documentation to show how it works. See below for the video.

Color Organ / Video Paintings Installation: "The Synchronizer"
I decided to install the piece on two gesso boards, which are sold as "liquid art" surfaces, and present it with a keyboard on a keyboard stand in front of it at Gabe's suggestion. I was thinking this could either be a permanent installation where the viewer can play to activate it, or it could be used as a backdrop or "video sculpture" to accompany a live musical performance. My friend also kindly lent her time to play it for the documentation. See below for the video.