Day 412 @ ITP: The Code of Music

Assignment: Sampling + Effects


*Note: Sometimes when loading the sketch I am getting a error saying there is a Script error on line -1 (?) then if I reload a few times it works. What does it mean?

I spent some time wrangling this one, and would have liked to have sliders and on/off switches involved to change the effects (as seen on the Tone.js examples page for GrainPlayer) but was having trouble assigning the sliderValue to one of the parameters in the GrainPlayer. If I integrate this into an interface with other functions later I will work on integrating that. I ended up playing with a few different simple elements of sampling and effects and combined the Tone.js GrainPlayer with the Tone.js Sampler to create a simple scene using a track I made last winter in the background being manipulated by mouseX and mouseY, if you click the mouse you add frogs and also reverse the audio, and if you hit a,s,d,f you trigger frog sounds manipulated through the sampler. I also got a nice effect of just the song through the GrainPlayer here, though the audio has a lot of glitchy clicks.


  1. Keezy Classic

    I found this super fun to play with. Do SP-404 samplers work like this?? I liked how I held one key down it stopped the other samples. This could definitely be fun to make compositions with, especially with the option to add your own samples (it seems you can do this with the built-in mic, maybe there is a way record directly into the phone too…? Probably not)

  2. Sampulator

    This was also very intuitive and fun to play with. I also liked some of the sounds, and steered clear of others. At first I thought if you held down a key it would repeat at the tempo in a signature, but it does not. I think that would be a cool function to add, though, especially for the kicks and drum parts. I also later realized you can record separate tracks and play them back…a great tool/toy! If it offered the option to export a sample that would make it a real musical instrument? I also just saw that you can “shop samples.” I would prefer to make my own similar version with uploaded samples, but it’s definitely inspiring.