Day 21 @ ITP: ICM

Week 3
Assignment #1

Group Project:
Chian, Isa, Camilla

Create a sketch that includes (all of these):

  • Make a rollover, a button, or a slider from scratch. Compare your code to the examples in "Examples" below. Later we'll look at how this compare to interface elements we'll get for free from the browser.
  • Create an algorithmic design with simple parameters. (One example is 10 PRINT, see: 10PRINT example). Make your interface element control the appearance or behavior of the algorithmic design.
  • When working in teams, try working separately and then combining your work together. Overlay your sketches, or have the interface element you created control your partner's algorithmic design (and vice versa). Trade sketches and riff on your partner's work. Or, sit next to each other at one keyboard and take turns coding while looking over each other's shoulder.

I came up with this part to try and fit it behind the window in the room Chian made:

We ended up not being able to just put her shapes "on top" of the algorithm, and it took a while to figure this out:

Then we tried to add a shade that Isa made on top of the window:

 We had the elements independently but had trouble combining them together. 

Our final version
(with help from a resident, Yuli, and from Chian's friend):

Click the light to change the scene.