Day 20 @ ITP: Phys Comp

Week 3
Assignment #1

I still have to get basics of how to check the continuity on my own and maybe I should be using an auto-ranging multimeter or figure out that function on mine because I'm pretty sure it has one...Or get better at calculating it. Following the diagrams visually is not adding up so I need to be checking that the current is working properly without just following a map. The codes compiled and uploaded for each project but then the switch/touch sensitive resistor did not turn on the LEDs. I feel bad for putting up photos of two nonworking projects! But maybe they will help to at least identify what went wrong here...I also didn't have the 2-pin pieces for the lab with the lab with the force sensitive resistor so I borrowed these from the shop, and I think they are the right pieces? I will continue to work on these and enlist help.