Day 55 @ ITP: ICM

Week 9:
Working with video and sound

Project 1)

Just for fun, before moving on to trying to code something else, I decided to make a page with 3 of these oscillators with slightly different parameters and colors to see if they could all play together at the same time, as some kind of out of control musical instrument...

Here it is:

Have fun!(?)

Update on October 31st, 2017:

For some reason this is going back and forth between working and not work. It is currently *not* working. Will have to debug this in person with someone who can help.

Project 2) 
The beginning of something... Slit-scan experiment:

How to get the video to actually progress ?? 

Also: Is it possible to move around objects on top of the video as it slit scans, and turn sounds on and off as well ? 


Update on October 31st, 2017:

Here is my final sketch, which I made work with Mathura's help today...the video was not looping and she changed something in the html editor to make it work. I actually am not sure what changed, but I'm glad it is now playing and I like the effect!

I wanted to add the sound of greenhouse fans but for some reason the p5js editor kept saying that loadSound was not defined. This also happened in a previous sketch (with the women astronauts) that worked earlier then stopped working...will try to debug it.