Day 26 @ ITP: Phys Comp

Analog Input Lab (and catchup from Week 3 + before)


Finally got this to lab to work with some assistance from a resident, Aaron, after the Phys Comp help session last Friday. Also scheduled a session before that with Chino to make sure the FSR sensor worked, and we used a serialPrint code to read the data. The range was not very high. Turned out my multimeter had broken, also, but I don't think that was the problem (Aaron fixed it !) I still need to recreate this on my own. We also edited the code somewhat to make the range larger so that the LED appears to dim in and out. Also ordered the Arduino projects book so will be using that next to go over some of the previously covered concepts and make something new for this week's lab assignment.

Redoing some experiments with new Arduino:

1) Now I will have one at home and one at school so I don't have to keep carrying everything back and forth...It also helps to have the Arduino book.
This is just the first instructional for making the LED turn on...

2) Connecting a pushbutton to activate the LED:

I had one connector in incorrectly then fixed it to create the full circuit...even one hole off and it does not work of course! So need to test every part of the setup. Also just ordered an auto ranging multimeter which will be easier for me to use to test the connections....

3) Series circuit:

4) Parallel circuit:

22199020_10100427054311574_1153186580_o (1).jpg