Day 60 @ ITP: Appl Interactive Telecommunication Systems

Lecture with Sigi Moeslinger of Antenna Design:

Our presentation group (Lin Z., Caleb F., Meng Zhen X., Yu Hao K. and myself) is currently working on a presentation for next week based on this lecture... I wanted to ask Sigi but didn't think to in time about what other cities in the world she has visited or observed that are are more open to public art and interaction design in a more permanent way. My guesses would be Scandinavian major cities and also in Japan, but also possibly Berlin, and/or somewhere else I haven't thought of yet. I would be curious to try some kind of temporary public installation somewhere, eyes set on a pop-up in Berlin or another kind of installation or event in Lisbon with a friend there, after figuring out some technical aspects and also finding a right time and place to work with people on it. 

Update on 11/13: Here is our presentation! I'm a little embarrassed showing this in public but it's also presented with a grain of salt (and I got to do my best impression of a British accent, which I also repeated for my English mother later. She said it "wasn't bad.") We started with thinking about things we wished existed but didn't yet, and ended up here. The videos are shown courtesy of our classmates who made them as their final projects for Video and Sound Comm Lab earlier in the semester, one of which Lin was part of, which we showcase for our fake "Sharky Tanky" product pitches. It seemed to tie together also with the speaker for the week, Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley, who emphasized how you should just go ahead and work on making an idea a reality even if it seems unlikely or crazy to people, and eventually it could catch on (possibly after many failed attempts), which seems to be what happened for him with his various iterations of Foursquare and how it would work based on currently available technologies.