Day 378 @ ITP: The Temporary Expert

Solar Energy Field Guide: First Draft Of Entries


I am trying to lay out the idea of solar energy as the superior renewable energy source that we have available to us, and the urgency to start shifting towards it in the building of both commercial electricity grids and off-the-grid residential architecture. This is made slightly difficult because in fact it is not the cleanest renewable source of energy in terms of emissions created during production (hydroelectric is technically the cleanest after nuclear, which has obvious other more serious downfalls). However I am arguing that the other forms of renewable energy also have greater deleterious effects in other ways. Further research could show how solar could potentially be cleaner with future technology, but I haven’t gotten there yet and this would potentially be purely speculative. I will research further how solar energy can be stored in case of outage, and how these “batteries” (ripe for visual analogy here, though it is also literally a battery) would be used in the electricity grid as backup.

In these first 7 entries I only got so far, and am using the infographics from our reading as placeholders to play with. I will need some help/guidance/to think further on the best angle to focus on in a zine or field guide that I am intending to be ingested quickly and with ultimate impact with large statements followed by supporting details with a message based on the truth, and a minimum of embellishment to support my argument. After creating these I also feel that the ordering needs work to support and not confuse the overall message.

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