Day 201: Live Image Processing & Performance

Object Theater Performance
Group Presentation : Erin, Sam, Camilla


Our project is game of chance, based on a traditional game show format such as Wheel Of Fortune. In the game the contestant is being screened to enter a new rhizomatic world where hierarchy does not exist. With each pull of the lever or roll of the die the contestant is introduced to a new facet of the process to get to the rhizome. A hybrid of digital-analog folklore is woven into the dialog of the game, which will make an algorithmic script to guide us to the end (which is a surprise.) 

OUR SOURCES (Myths/folk tales)

Wyrd Sisters or "3 Witches" (Norse) ~
Trojan Horse (Roman) ~
Mohini (Sri Lankan) ~
Maha Sona (Sinhalese) ~
Inanna (Sumerian) ~