Day 391 @ ITP: The Temporary Expert

Solar Zine Final Draft — V1

Some helpful feedback from our user testing in class:

- Print them all on seeded paper, with the suggestion to pass along or plant each one after reading.
- Make them all into postcards or calendars to think about time and the sun in that way?
- Maybe include a poster of just one of them?
- Change the font (all of it, and at very least the denser parts) to be more readable. I had already gotten this feedback but forged ahead and forgot/was too concerned with the content to stop and fix it. Maybe play with the idea of a shadow moving across the arc of it to keep it in some order sequentially, and think more about the final order if there is one, or decide that they can be shuffled if not.
- Possibly simplify the text: less words, one message per sheet.

The final version due October 16th, and I will post images of the printed version when it is done.