Day 10 @ ITP: Video and Sound

Week 1
Assignment #1:

Sound Walk: "ITP Space Shuttle" (with Amitabh S. and Kemi S.)

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.43.52 PM.png

For this project we came up with an idea of a sound walk through the ITP space shuttle, which is still under construction. A new recruit arrives from the elevator. A veteran astronaut greets them to tour the floor. When they reach the end of the tour, there is an explosion.

Sounds for editing (

1. Elevator
- going up:
(still need this sound - Star Trek?)
- door opening:
(still need this sound - Star Trek?)

–or– edit sounds out of recording in building:

2. Earth room
- Rainforest room:
- Ocean room:
- Countryside room:
- City room:

3. Dormitory
- Construction sounds:

4. Explosion:

Original recordings:

1. Cane sounds:

2. Voiceover:
- Kemi to record voiceover (week 2)

Narration (rough draft):

(Elevator door opens)

Hello! Welcome to the ITP space shuttle. I’m Gwen, your guide. Come with me...

(pause, walking, sound of cane and footsteps)

This is the Earth room. We are currently test driving simulations of different locations on Earth, for recruits to go in when they are homesick for our home planet.

First, we are prototyping a rainforest: (Sound of rain, rainforest animals) …

As well as a field in the countryside (Sound of crickets, running stream)…

And the ocean: (Ocean sounds)

We also are working on a big city: (Sound of New York City, people walking on sidewalks, cars beeping, etc.)

Next I’ll show you where we are building the dormitories… Follow me.

(pause, walking, sound of cane and footsteps)

(Sounds of construction start happening in background)

This is where you and the other recruits will be sleeping. We are currently installing the oxygen tanks and testing the pressurization of the cabin.

Now we will go to the meeting room, where you will meet the other recruits…

(pause, walking, sound of cane and footsteps)

(Sounds of chatting)

This is where we will be holding trainings.

I was once a recruit, too, you know. All of us senior members here were. Now I am a veteran due to an accident I had onboard the ship… (Sound of explosions) (People running)

Quick! Duck! There’s been an explosion in the dormitory!

(Sounds of commotion fade out…)