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The Synchronizer : One of our "light/sound" rooms

There are many examples of these public "light/sound" tuning stations. They can be circular tubes, cubes or conical standing shapes that people can lie down, sit or stand in. Within these pods is an immersive light and sound experience; specific wavelengths of colored light are paired with resonant notes. They can also be special "light/sound" rooms within workspaces, airports, hospitals, or other indoor public spaces. These experiences vary and are tailored as meditation rooms or interactive experiences for use either alone or in groups of two or more people depending on the room. Above is pictured the Synchronizer. This apparatus entails a variation of the modern day keyboard that syncs tone with color. As the notes play through futuristic programming, color wavelength enhancing technology amplifies the negative ions nearby and increases feelings of well-being in the participants. It also displays various archetypal images of nature that allow one to tap into sacred shapes and motifs of nature that can help to attune to nature within urban environments. The Synchronizer is one of our special rooms, particularly popular within hospitals, and is meant to create and promote relaxation, patience and centeredness. 

Pictured above is Alexandria, master musician of the future, playing The Synchronizer in one of our special rooms at NYU Langone Hospital.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 3.31.57 PM.png