Ivy Meadows

Camilla Padgitt-Coles

100 Days Of AV Cart Art, 2019 (Prototyping process)

Over the course of a hundred days I documented 100 audio and/or visual installations on an AV cart. You can follow the process on my Instagram @ivymeadows


Color Theremin, 2018

An ode to Washington Square Park played on fragmented color organ using distance-reactive light and sound.


Algorithmic Flower, 2018

Algorithmically controlled video.


The Synchronizer, 2018

Playable video and sound palette.


Rubik's Color Wheel, 2018

Playable color to note translator.


Plant Music "In D", 2018 (excerpts)

A plant-activated musical composition created for four channels with sound reactive lights.


Great Heart w/ Jim Schmitz, 2017

“Great Heart” is a device for sonifying the heart rate with accompanying breathing visualizations for assisted meditation.

Further documentation at the link: