The Tuning House, 2019 - Mixed media interactive installation.


The Tuning House is a voice-activated light and sound installation where your voice is translated into a synthesized sound and color. As you hum, tone and sing, the colors and sounds in the installation follow the pitch of your voice. This allows you to choose colors with the pitch of your voice. Isolating color and sound pairings in this way highlights a simplified and subjective relationship between frequencies which are present all around us.

Further documentation of the Tuning House can be found here.

100 Days Of AV Cart Art, 2019 - Mixed media interactive installations.


Over the course of a hundred days I documented 100 audio and/or visual installations using procedural video processes, found materials, sensors, and projection mapping for a series I called 100 Days Of AV Cart. The limitation was that each project had to fit on a small table used for audio-visual production. You can follow the process on Instagram at #100daysofavcartart

A selection of projects from 100 Days of AV Cart Art can be found here.

Algorithmic Flower, 2018 - Projection mapping on panels .

Algorithmic Flower is an algorithmically controlled video installation. The sound is randomly generated and determines the colors of the “petals” and also randomly flips through a Google image search for “wildflower” in the center. The interaction is a playful simulation and commentary on logic in nature.

Further documentation/images of Algorithmic Flower can be found here.

The Synchronizer, 2018 - Interactive projections.

The Synchronizer is a playable video and sound palette. The viewer is asked to play a musical keyboard very slowly, with each note triggering a synchronized series of notes and color/image pairing. The interaction encourages slowing down in this active meditation.

Further documentation of The Synchronizer can be found here.

Rubik's Color Wheel, 2018 - Interactive projection mapping on panels.

Rubik’s Color Wheel is a playable color wheel (or grid) that incorporates the Color Tones series (see below). You are invited to play a musical keyboard, with each note they strike triggering an associated pitch and color on the grid in real-time. The interaction is meant to give the sensation of turning sounds into colors before your eyes through touch.

Color Tones, 2018 - Interactive web installation.


Color Tones is a series of audio-visual meditations based on the Dinshah chromotherapy system. The color and sound videos can be played as short standalone meditations, or layered on top of one another by streaming them on multiple devices.

Further documentation of the research behind Color Tones can be found here.

Great Heart (with Jim Schmitz) , 2017 - Interactive device for assisted meditation.

Great Heart is a collaboration with Jim Schmitz. A pulse sensor tracks your heart rate and plays it back as your choice of sound, while breathing visualizations further guide your breaths to a steady pace for optimum relaxation.

Further documentation at the link:

Live Projections for Ka Baird, 2016 - Sound-reactive projections for live performance.

Untitled - Visuals manipulated live in video mixing software with sound-reactive elements. The projections are triggered by specific ranges of sound frequencies from the piano.