Assignment #7: Plans for rest of the semester

Here’s some inspiration for what I’m thinking of doing (not my art, but in the vein of what I’d be going for somewhat…)

For our final I would like to continue the data moshing week to make something for the video wall.

For an interactive installation assignment, I would be into doing a more short term experiment with changing the lighting of a projection onto an object using a sensor that the person can play with, possibly by waving their hand in front of it, with a Leap Motion or another kind of disance or light sensor… I already have a Leap Motion and have used it with Max to Madmapper so that would be something I could play more with. Otherwise, I could do something voice activated so that saying something into a microphone changes the speed of a clip or something like this… I hae also already been working with that for my thesis. I’m also open to something new/experimenting depending on what we go over in class.

My preference for the final though is to do a straightforward 2D video with data moshing. I will be doing an interactive installation with LEDs for my thesis at ITP so I could also share that here, though it may or may not include projections or video at all. I would also be into potentially continuing to add to the length of the video for the video wall over the summer.