Final Project Update #2

Since last week I changed my final project to be an extension of my thesis at ITP. The elevator pitch for my project, The Tuning House, is “a voice-activated light and sound installation where you use your voice to choose a color and sound palette.”

It is currently set up in a hard-to-move and costly physical installation. I’d like to have it be possible to install with a lower environmental and financial impact with just projections in an open space. It would be less private, but if I use a short throw projector (and possibly add speakers) for it then it could be even more enveloping in another sense.

Here are some videos of how it is currently working:

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 5.40.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 6.46.45 PM.png

Final Project Update

Here is a basic working version of what I’d like to make as an interactive video installation for the final project. I am using a LeapMotion (briefly pictured in this video) to manipulate the input position on some previously data-moshed footage I made for assignment #4.

Technically, Max MSP is taking data in from the LeapMotion and parsing it to send midi control message and slide the input window around in Madmapper, to make it appear as though the image is moving around from side to side and up and down. Another midi message is making one of the layers “glitch” (pixelate).

I’d like to have it be clear that when you wave your hand around the image totally starts to distort and the rest can be mysterious…and when you are not waving your hand in front if it it will appear less “glitched” or in a “normal state.”

Assignment #7: Plans for rest of the semester

Here’s some inspiration for what I’m thinking of doing (not my art, but in the vein of what I’d be going for somewhat…)

For our final I would like to continue the data moshing week to make something for the video wall.

For an interactive installation assignment, I would be into doing a more short term experiment with changing the lighting of a projection onto an object using a sensor that the person can play with, possibly by waving their hand in front of it, with a Leap Motion or another kind of disance or light sensor… I already have a Leap Motion and have used it with Max to Madmapper so that would be something I could play more with. Otherwise, I could do something voice activated so that saying something into a microphone changes the speed of a clip or something like this… I hae also already been working with that for my thesis. I’m also open to something new/experimenting depending on what we go over in class.

My preference for the final though is to do a straightforward 2D video with data moshing. I will be doing an interactive installation with LEDs for my thesis at ITP so I could also share that here, though it may or may not include projections or video at all. I would also be into potentially continuing to add to the length of the video for the video wall over the summer.

Assignment #6: Music Video / VJing to a Song

I found and loaded a midi file of this song into Ableton where I then sent the midi information of the notes being played by different instruments to Madmapper in order to activate different shapes using certain notes. Not all notes are represented but I used the midi “learn” function to try to find ones that were most recurring. I pasted a piece of cardboard on the wall of my studio and projected onto it with the cardboard as a centering square to bring it more into a real space.

Assignment #4: Data Moshing + Motion Tracking

I figured out the data moshing with this tutorial because the version of Avidemux they use works on my laptop. I have not tried the coding options because these experiments took me so long. There is some motion tracking in “Nature Glitch” which just sort of makes the glitched tree look more floaty. I still need to work on these skills but got the basics of getting it to work and had some fun messing with the footage and also enjoyed how the audio incidentally got glitched along with it.

Some ideas for installation…

a still

a still

datamoshed tree with mylar “river”

datamoshed tree with mylar “river”

“Decayed Oranges” with real fruits

“Decayed Oranges” with real fruits

Assignment #3: Slo-Mo Footage

I thought it would be fun to combine these two slow motion vignettes we filmed into a triptych to make the most epic and beautiful sneeze ever seen in a hypothetical public art installation (haha)...

Here is the original exercise footage I played with. I slowed down the footage even further and layered each person on top of themselves threefold. I am still getting the hang of the green screen, especially with imperfect lighting, but for this I decided to go with the green screen aesthetic. I will keep experimenting going forward.

Assignment #1 : Video Textures

I scanned a corner in my home with an iPhone camera using the in-camera slow motion setting. Then I used AE Brainstorm to choose randomized “Mr. Mercury”, “Plastic” and color correction effects.

Original footage:

The result: