Over the past two years I’ve been doing various projects related to color, light, and sound.

Color Theremin by Camilla Padgitt-Coles
A Max patch controls the colors of the petals algorithmically; the sound generated from the Max patch controls the speed a slideshow cycling through the first page of a google image search for "Wildflower."

Dinshah color wavelength/note translation:
Magenta: 531.5 Hz —- G and E: 525 Hz (in this prototype it is played as F#)
Green: 531.5 Hz ——- C: 513 Hz
Red: 397.5 Hz ———- G: 378 Hz
Blue: 598.5 Hz ——— D: 567 Hz

Thesis Question

I would like to create at least one, modular, easily recreatable installation incorporating my research into the relationships between color, light and sound, and also their therapeutic or healing benefits on the viewer. This installation would be very minimal in nature, but also react somehow to the user or to some external data and constantly be changing generatively.

I am interested in user testing and finding out what people would most want to experience.

On the side, I will also continue some more playful, musical-interactive video sculptures with sound, and am trying to figure out how this all fits together or how to make it fit together better as one whole exploration or body of work.


  • Color/sound correlations, studying color/light and sound on the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • All-encompassing installation for thesis: Relatively small, modular, can be rebuilt easily in different places.

  • Inspiration: Isolation tank, VR but not VR, multichannel sound experiences.

  • Using projection mapping, APIs, weather activity or participant/human activity to modulate the sound or visuals.

  • Perhaps a shape that is projected onto from the outside and you either lie in or put your head in and sit with.

  • What kind of meaning would be most interesting to the users?

  • Some kind of arcade of different experiences, from therapeutic to just straightforwardly playful/joyful.

  • Focus on idea of recycling materials with same ideas; minimal parts, expense, etc. Perhaps simply also come up with a “kit” and instructions a la Sol LeWitt, make it easy to replicate and use if one so desires.