Ivy Meadows

Camilla Padgitt-Coles

Art by Mukti Bird ॐ


Ivy Meadows - Zodiac (Moon Glyph, 2017)
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Tiny Mix Tapes

E. Star - Domestic Music (Become Eternal, 2017)

Tropical Rock - Yellow Dock (Perfect Wave, 2017)

Energy Star - Energy Star (Perfect Wave, 2016)

Gardener / Ivy Meadows (Fluere Tapes, 2016)

Tropical Rock - 3 Lewej (Perfect Wave, 2014)

Future Shuttle - In To It (New Images Ltd., 2013)

Future Shuttle - Étude Study (Samling Recordings, 2012)

Future Shuttle - Water's Edge (Holy Mountain Records, 2011)