“Rubik’s Color Wheel” was created while I was researching color and sound therapy practices, specifically practices where color or light and sound were combined. During this research, I came across Dinshah Ghadiali’s theory of chromotherapy, or light and color therapy. His theory was that specific wavelengths of colors had different effects on our energetic fields, and could be used to heal specific ailments. He also set up a system to determine the closest relationships between sound and light (visible color spectrum) over the electromagnetic spectrum, to find notes that could hypothetically be played to support a chromotherapy session with a specific color. The idea was to use a warm color and then a cool one, or vice versa, for balancing.

I made these “Color Tones” by combining the Dinshah chromotherapy colors and sounds associated with them, and then used the same sounds and colors for the Rubik’s Color Wheel.

Color Tones - Five Minute Meditations (click on the squares for videos)