Upcoming Shows: 


Sun. 6/4~
Confetti Machine: Realtime Media Festival
@ Outpost Artist Resources, Ridgewood, Queens

Confetti Machine is a celebration of Realtime media performance and its community of practitioners. Spread over three days, the festival will feature 20+ performances by experimental sound and video artists

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Improvised Electronics Round Robin

Sunday, June 4 at 3PM

Improvised Electronics Round Robin:

The Improvised Electronics Round Robin serves as a platform for tool builders, artists and engineers to experiment in a performance based environment. Artists are to set up in a circle to play short interlocking sets in a clockwise fashion.

Valeria Haedo
Ulysses Popple
Brian McCorkle
Reid Bingham
Katherine Liberovskaya
Video Punks
Viola Yip
Dave Koenig
Merche Blasco
Karl Scholz
Andrew Neumann
99 Hooker

Performing Systems:

Pete Shapiro + David First
Camilla Padgitt Coles
Benton C Bainbridge
Joshua Goldberg + Matthew Gantt

Fan Letters:

Fan Letters presents Surveillance Work

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6/10 – Rooftop Films (w/ Tropical Rock)
More info and tickets here

@ Industry City, Sunset Park
Brooklyn, NY

6/17 –
☼ Raw Silk ☼ Black Lodge ☼ Tropical Rock ☼ Dylan A. Marcheschi ☼
@ The Park Church Co-op

Brooklyn, NY

6/22 – Bryce Hackford Record Release (DJ) 
@ The Knockdown Center
Brooklyn, NY


04/26/2017 – Tom Carter, Tropical Rock, Jantar
@ Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY

04/15/2017 – E.S.P. TV Live Taping: Tropical Rock (Camilla Padgitt-Coles & Ka Baird) w/ special guest Taralie Peterson, JD Walsh (Shy Layers), Talibam!
@ BRIC, Brooklyn, NY

04/06/2017 – Perfect Wave Vol. 4 Commendation: Ivy Meadows & Ka Baird 
@ Commend, New York, NY

03/26/2017 – Grounding Activation 003 w/ Diana Policarpo
@ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

03/16/2017 – Pause. a pop-up meditation experience
@ LEVEL 1, New York, NY

02/20/2017 – Metamorph: Lost Souls of Saturn, Ivy Meadows, & AJ Clay
@ Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn, NY

02/14/2017 – Soap Library Presents: Valentine's Day w/ Mary Lattimore, Rosali, Energy Star, DJ Nina
@ Trans-Pecos, Ridgewood, NY

02/03/2017 – Frequency Fridays: Bbob Drake (CLE) + Camilla Padgitt-Coles (NYC) + Alexander Paquet (CMH) + J Bryan Parks (OH) 
@ The Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab, Columbus, OH:


Photo: Jen Powers


01/21/2017 – GAZE Festival
@ Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL

01/18/2017 – Ka Baird: Sapropelicisms
@ Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

01/06/2017 – David Grubbs, Anastasia Clarke, Alper/Padgitt-Coles, Julia Santoli
@ The Knockdown Center, Maspeth, NY

12/18/2016 – Paideia: Chanelle Bergeron/Blakeney Bullock/Widow (A.Vitacolonna), Tropical Rock
@ The Knockdown Center, Maspeth, NY

12/09/2016 – #NoDAPL Benefit
@ Dawn of Man, Brooklyn, NY

12/08/2016 – Ready Room Series: DJ Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows)
@ The Knockdown Center Bar, Maspeth, NY

12/07/2016 –  G.S. Sultan/ E. Star/ Jackson Randall/ Aviary
@ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

12/04/2016 – Grounding Activation #1
@ Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY

11/11/2016 –  Ivy Meadows~Power Mystery~Sex Crystals~Channeling 
@ Muchmore's, Brooklyn, NY

11/10/2016 – Symbiosis. - Bio Activated Audio-Visual Installation with Rebecca Uliasz
@ SWALE, Brooklyn, NY

11/06/2016 – Bread and Roses: A Dinner-Symposium on Women and the Arts
@ MoMA PS1, Queens, NY:


11/04/2016 – Plant activated sound installation w/ Data Garden at Optics 0:0 Parallax View Festival
@ Roulette, Brooklyn, NY:


October 2016 – Ka Baird (Sapropelic Pycnic) European Tour:


08/14/16 – SOMA DAZE Festival
@ RO-HE-GE, Belfast, ME

08/02/16 –  Sex Crystals Album + Zine Release w Sunmoonstar, Euglossine, Wish, Ivy Meadows and Perfect Wave DJs 
@ Trans-Pecos, Ridgewood, NY

07/28/16 – Jonas Reinhardt, Ivy Meadows, Ezra Feinberg 
@ Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY

07/19/16  – Field Guides, mt_twin, Ivy Meadows, Finishing Touch
@ TROOST Bar, Brooklyn, NY

@ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

07/06/16 – A Microscope with visuals by Camilla Padgitt-Coles, David First, Kathleen Baird/Muyassar Kurdi Duo
@ The Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

06/30/16 – DistENDed Cinema curated by david Linton for the Mission for Temporal Art
@ Outpost Artist Resources, Inc., Brooklyn, NY

06/21/16 – Tyler Damon & Muyassar Kurdi, Sapropelic Pycnic & Ivy Meadows, Marcia Bassett & Sean Julian
@ Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room, Brooklyn, NY

06/12/16 – Kyle Landstra, Bastian Void, Ivy Meadows, Mike Nigro, Visual Synthesis by Corey Bauer
@ Over the Eight, Brooklyn, NY

06/11/16 — Gulliver X by: Florencia Escudero w/ Audio-visual set by Ivy Meadows
@ The Loisaida Center, New York, NY: