In the summer of 2018, I was researching color and sound therapy practices for a project, specifically practices where color or light and sound were combined. During this research, I came across Dinshah Ghadiali’s theory of chromotherapy, or light and color therapy. In 1920 he had introduced to the public a machine called the Spectro-Chrome, which was an analog chromotherapy device using lamps and specially designed colored gels that he claimed could be used on different parts of the body for healing specific ailments. He also set up a system to determine the closest relationships between sounds and light or colors over the electromagnetic spectrum, in order to find musical notes that could be played to support a chromotherapy session with a specific color. The idea was to use a warm color and then a cool color (or vice versa) for balancing.

I made the “Color Tones” series of color and sound videos by combining these Dinshah chromotherapy colors and the notes associated with them, layering each sonic tone to create an auditory hallucination or beating effect. These pieces begin to explore a modern-day approach to color/sound meditation or relaxation that could be attained through the web, or incorporated into audio-visual art or an interactive installation. I went on to incorporate the “Color Tones” audio as a base layer or drone for The Tuning House.