Ivy Meadows

Camilla Padgitt-Coles


Camilla Padgitt-Coles (aka Ivy Meadows, b. 1985 in New York City) is a multimedia artist working in audio-visual environments and installations. Coming from a background of painting and drawing, in the past 10 years she has been creating physical real-time atmospheres with light, color and sound.

In general, she is interested in highlighting basic elemental forces around us as well as principles of color and sound therapy, and applying these in her work. Her projects span contexts of musical/visual performance, standalone installations, D.I.Y. magazine publishing, and event curation. The scenarios she has performed in range from playing music for a sound healing meditation to running the lights at a techno dance party, using the same principles as a starting point in either setting.

Using her grandmother’s name, Ivy Meadows, for live performances she embodies the idea that nothing is ever destroyed but rather takes a new form. Through using her name she aims to embody her grandmother’s influence of slow growth and steadfastness. She also relies on the metaphor of gardening to inspire her in her work, taking inspiration from her grandfather, Walter Coles, who was a nurseryman and tended to and propagated plants inside greenhouses. The mindset of the gardener, she has found, can be a useful mental model for the artist; art can also be utilitarian, it can also provide something basic and useful for others.

Padgitt-Coles’ recent research is examining more specifically how and where art, meditation, and therapy can combine to create playful experiences through using different sensors, data or inputs in order to inspire an unpredictability or interactivity that is personalized to the viewer. The aim is to create a "moment" or experience where the viewer feels connected in a very basic way to elemental forces and/or simplicity, meditation, and grounding in the body.

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